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Closet Accessories

The products we offer are more than just stylish flourishes. In addition to being beautiful, they are functional, which is key to the success of your project. The right accessories make it simple to find, use and store every item.

Closet Rods

Available in multiple finishes and both oval and round styles. Select the one which matches your closet and your taste.

Drawer Inserts

Special items require specialized storage. Velvet jewelry inserts to hold each ring or bauble and drawer dividers to hold each rolled up tie. Inserts and dividers can really help personalize the storage in your closet organizer.


Slide out baskets are available for any project – whether you are putting away blocks in your play room, apples in your pantry, or towels in your laundry room.

Tilt out hamper baskets make it easy to separate darks, lights and dry cleaning. Liners are available for most baskets.

Valet Bars

A slide out valet bar creates the ideal place to assemble an outfit. It’s also helpful for selecting garments while packing for a trip or as a holding area for garments coming back from the dry cleaner.

Select a style below to see all of the finishes that are available.

Tie & Belt Racks

Keep all of your ties wrinkle-free and your belts easily accessible with the right storage. They can match the color of your project and the finish of your handles.


A gym bag, a robe, an umbrella – hooks are simple, versatile and essential. And now yours can be stylish!

Utility Racks

Your broom no longer needs to hang on the back of your basement door! Your garden hose doesn’t have to sit in a coil on the floor! Your skis don’t have to stand up in the corner of your garage!

Just the right solution is available for all everyday and not-so-everyday items.

Accessory Molding

Decorative molding puts the finishing touch on your beautifully designed Walk-in closet, free standing wardrobe or mudroom.

Specialized Accessories

Unique requirements call for unique solutions. And we can find the right one for what you need, or want, to do. As diverse as scarf racks, shoe fences, lazy susans and ironing boards.

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