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Decorative Hardware

We believe that the style and finish of the pulls and knobs you choose can significantly enrich the overall look of the finished product, and for that reason we offer a wide and unique variety of decorative hardware in traditional and contemporary styles to help you create just the appearance you desire.

Elegance Collection

Featuring an array of sleek, contemporary pulls and knobs along with more traditional styles, the Elegance Collection is as beautiful as it is economical. The collection’s wide range of colors and styles, as well as its inherent quality, appeals to almost any taste and makes the Elegance Collection a wonderful choice for any closet project.

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High Style

The High Style Collection also includes traditional and contemporary offerings, with some unique options suitable for office furniture, and some more unusual styles that might add just the right flair for your particular taste. These pulls and knobs also come in varying finishes and can be used successfully in many different applications.


The Regency Collection is our most ambitious assemblage with styles and finishes that are even more eclectic and dramatic. This stunning collection is the most interesting and unique grouping of decorative hardware that we have ever offered. In addition to higher end traditional and modern pieces, we also feature some most distinctive and, in some cases, whimsical selections that will make your project truly stand out from the ordinary. The items in this particular collection include some of the most sought after styles available, and yet most are still priced quite reasonably, affording excellent value as well as superior style.


Our Elite collection is diverse in sense of style but the straight lines and simple designs combine functionality with refinement. Pieces satisfy a minimalist aesthetic whether you desire warmth or sleek sophisticate.


If you adore all things fun, quirky and playful, express your creativity with a piece from the Whimsical collection. A dash of color or unique shape adds visual interest. Find just the right finishing touch to appeal to your sense of style.

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