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Entryways and Hallways Storage

Handle everyone’s everyday items as they come and go with a custom mudroom, hallway closet, or wardrobe.

Imagine: you’re stepping out into the cold of winter and need to quickly grab a coat, hat, and mittens. Maybe, on another day, you’re coming home from a long day at the little league field and need a place to hide all the kids’ dirty cleats and sports equipment before they carry it past the front door. Whether you’re coming or going, custom storage solutions from New England Closets makes your home’s entry functional for you while remaining presentable to guests.

steps to designing Entryway or hallway storage

From coats to backpacks, the New England Closets custom closet creative process will reveal the perfect storage solution or wardrobe for your everyday essentials.


Take Inventory

Consider the size and shape of each everyday item you’d like to keep close by Make a list of each item and its physical shape – be sure to take accurate measurements!


 Consultation And Design

A designer will meet your organizational needs by suggesting unique storage solutions tailor-made for your home and everyday personal effects.


Finishes And Accessories

New England Closets sources a wide variety of hooks and surface finishes for any design style or taste. From brass to nickel, know that your essentials will hang in style.

Our Storage Solutions

Hats, shoes, bags, backpacks, jackets, sports equipment… no matter what you’re planning on storing in a hallway or entryway, we have an eye-catching, professional custom solution for you.

Come and go in style with a custom mudroom or wardrobe

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