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The perfect work-life balance is achievable with a custom home office.

If your company allows it, working from home can be an excellent solution to improve your work-life balance and skip out on unpleasant commutes.If you choose to work from home, you’ll need a home office space that inspires you to be your very best.

Enter a new age of ergonomic work-from-home offices. Designed by New England Closets, our home office solutions inspire clear and productive minds throughout the greater Massachusetts area. From custom shelving to filing cabinets, to desks and workstations, achieve perfect balance and productivity in a thoughtfully designed custom home office from New England Closets.

Steps to Designing your Home Office

Before you sit down at your brand new desk and get to work, we’ve got some work of our own to do:


Measure your space

Are you transforming an old children’s bedroom into a home office? Maybe your basement man cave has a new purpose and could use some buttoning up. Either way, we have to know what size space we’re working with. We’ll let you know what you need to measure after our first consultation.


Design with Considerations

After we know the size and shape of your future home office, we will work with you to design a fitting space for your profession. Maybe you’re a creative who could use a place to hang sketches. Maybe you have stacks of important documents that need spacious, well-organized cabinets. If you can dream it, we can create it.


Pick your finishes

There’s nothing like a polished, sophisticated wood office desk to show off that you mean business – even if it’s just over video chat. By choosing the finishes that suit your unique style, effortlessly communicate your professionalism to your team and feel it for yourself.

Our Home Office Solutions

If mess and chaos affect your productivity, this could either be due to a need for quality organizational solutions or simply a lack of separation between working and living space. Our team of designers keeps this in mind as we transform any size or shape space into a comfortable home office.


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