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Reach In Closets

Reach-In Closets Design

As the backbone of traditional closets, custom reach-ins will completely transform the way you look at your home’s closets. By letting New England Closets carefully organize and customize your personal reach-in closet, you can reap many of the functionality and style benefits of a walk-in closet without paying steep renovation fees.

With a variety of options to fit your personal needs, we can create a custom reach-in closet so deliberate and eye-catching, you won’t want to keep your apparel behind closed doors anymore. Like a walk-in closet, a reach-in design can also utilize sleek shelves and drawers to show off and hide away the appropriate pieces. While reach-ins generally consist of less space than a walk-in, utilizing the height of your reach-in closet can lead to ideal customization!

steps to designing your Reach-in closet

Boring closets, no more! A custom reach-in closet from New England Closets will utilize your space to its fullest, following these simple steps:


Measure, Measure, Measure!

First, we’ll need measurements. A great initial consultation starts with preparation – by measuring the space in your original home closet, along with the space your items occupy, we can begin the planning process. 


Consultation And Design

Working with your reach-in closet’s unique size and shape, a designer will work with you one-on-one and recommend unique storage solutions, do more with less space, and utilize every square inch of reach-in closet space! 


Finishes And Accessories

From drawer knobs to surface finishes, we’ll make sure all the design details create a cohesive reach-in. Whether you’re hanging belts on walls or storing shoes in cubbies, we’ll make sure each element is tailored to your style.

Our Storage Solutions

Space may be limited, but that doesn’t mean your favorite pieces can’t shine. Even the smallest, most ordinary closets have the potential to hold more and look their best with a New Englands Closets custom transformation.

your creative Reach-In closet awaits

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