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Walk-in Closets Storage Solutions

The perfect start and end to your day is time in your one-of-a-kind clothing boutique.

From a functional storage system to a luxury dressing room stacked with amenities, a custom walk-in closet from New England Closets will hide what needs to be hidden and show off your favorite pieces at the same time. Walk-in closets provide more than just ample space for your wardrobe – they make awesome dressing rooms. In your very own walk-in, you can get ready your way, projecting your inner peace and joy outwardly with your unique style.

Taking your room’s unique shape into account, a New England Closets designer can utilize your space to its fullest with sleek, sensible composition. Let our designers create a space that organizes all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories in a sensible and stylish way. Display your favorite items including designer shoes and handbags, creating a space that’s uniquely “you.” Do it all in one room – a place to spend your mornings dressing up in style and evenings winding down in comfort.

steps to designing your walk-in closet

From initial inventory and measurement to the finishing touches, New England Closets works with you to create your dream fashion sanctuary, following these three steps:


Take Inventory

Consider the size and shape of each piece in your walk-in. Measure your items, especially long ones like dresses and jumpsuits, which must be considered first. With long-hang, double hang, shelving, and half & half closet section options, we can make it fit – we just have to know what we’re working with.


 Consultation And Design

Our team will work with you to determine your best course of action. A designer will meet your needs by suggesting unique storage solutions tailor-made for your clothing and accessories; showing off the pieces you’re proud of, while sensibly storing away basics and necessities.


Finishes And Accessories

What’s a walk-in closet without the amenities? Complete your personalized walk-in closet or dressing room with a wide variety of options including vanities, islands, benches, lighting, and moulding – all available in dozens of finishes.

Our Storage Solutions

No matter your style, fashion items, or storage needs, a walk-in closet from New England Closets utilizes unique customizable solutions with professional quality materials.  


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